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    a) Calibration of Petroleum Storage Tanks
    b) Oil  and Gas Measurement Equipment
    c) Relief / Pressure Safety Valves Certification
    d) Laboratory Equipment

    Accurate quantity measurement is crucial in worldwide trading. Tank calibration services from AGEL can help you measure and verify quantities/stock volumes and maintain good contractual relationships with your clients.



    Calibration is the science of determining the exact/true volume of a containment system corresponding to a certain measurement value. It is the key to obtaining accurate measurement of quantity. Without accurate calibration tables, even the best gauging systems and the most accurate manual measurements are of no value. With AGEL as your calibration partner, you can be sure of the highest degree of measurement accuracy, helping you to maintain client confidence and preventing discrepancies and costly errors.

    WHY AGEL? AGEL is highly competent in the execution of physical calibration of all types of vessels, such as static storage tanks, trucks, demountable tanks, ships, barges and specialized carriers. We also consider; LACT and other measuring units in calibration.

    Besides the use of traditional method of tank calibration, the company is at the forefront of new developments in calibration technology, with cutting-edge techniques, such as Laser


    Distance Technology and 3D laser scanning which enhance calibration of ship and shore tanks

    without scaffolding, keeping additional cost and disruption of operations to a minimum, also producing capacity tables, certificates of accuracy to ensure reliable volume determination.

    AGEL competently calibrates vertical storage tanks, horizontal cylindrical, spherical and other special tanks (above ground, surface and underground).

    Engage AGEL to help you achieve the highest level of measurement accuracy for your storage vessels. ..High accuracy assurance in custody transfer, operations control, reception and stock keeping of products!